General Education Syllabus Requirements

Every syllabus for a general education course must fully conform to the UF syllabus policy and also include the following five items:

1. a link to verbatim statement of the General Education Objectives for the relevant subject area(s);

2. a course description that clearly addresses not only course-specific issues and goals, but also the General-Education area objectives;

3. a description, list or table of course-specific Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) outlining the general knowledge (content) and skills (critical thinking & communication) students can expect to acquire through successful completion of the course, and the assignments through which the SLOs will be assessed;

4. the statement "A minimum grade of C is required for general education credit."

5. a weekly course schedule that includes sufficient detail for the General Education Committee to determine the appropriateness of the requested general education classification(s). This should include  topics or themes, a brief summary of the content, assigned materials, other assignments, due dates, assessments.

A General Education course syllabus should:

  • Include Gen Ed designation(s); explain relevance of course to Gen Ed requirements; list the course specific Gen Ed SLOs and how each will be assessed; weekly schedule of topics, readings, and assignments.
  • Include UF syllabus requirements: UF policies, ADA statement, etc.
  • If the course carries Diversity or International designations the syllabus must demonstrate that a majority of the course addresses Diversity or International content and engagement; it should be a substantial, defining feature of the course.
    • International/Diversity courses should have significant touchstones to relate to current world (should be comparative to current world) in order to be contemporary.
    • Clearly demonstrate how self-reflection is incorporated into the course
  • Syllabi must make clear connections between content and assignments and the course’s Student Learning Outcomes and assessment of those outcomes.
    •  If a class is approved for more than one area of general education, the syllabus should make clear the distinct content and assignments that measure each of the course’s Students Learning Outcomes and assessment of those outcomes.

General Education Syllabus Checklist

Sample Syllabuses

The General Education Committee has prepared annotated sample syllabuses that may be helpful when creating or revising the syllabus for a course designed to meet GE and/or WR requirements. The samples are for fictional courses. They are not intended to include all material that may be required or relevant for every course.