The Office of Undergraduate Affairs

The Office of Undergraduate Affairs

strives to create a campus that will provide a transformative and model undergraduate experience through an effective and genuine balance between liberal education and professional preparation.

University of Florida graduates will have

  • a well-developed capacity for intellectual inquiry,
  • demonstrated competency in a chosen discipline, and
  • a strong sense of personal, social, and global responsibility.


  • The mission of undergraduate education at UF is to develop in our students' intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, creative potential, cultural sensitivity and sense of purpose.
  • In support of that mission, UF is committed to providing instruction of the highest quality, opportunities for research and innovation, and co-curricular programs that build students’ capacity for understanding themselves and the world, while fostering their commitment to the service of others locally, nationally and internationally.


For questions or concerns regarding Undergraduate Education at the University of Florida please email: