UF Quest is an ambitious project for enhancing all four years of the undergraduate experience. All Quest courses are cross-disciplinary, organized around critical and metacognitive thinking, and grounded in meaningful student-faculty engagement. Quest invites students to grapple with intellectual, social, and real-life questions that they will face as critical, creative, and self-reflective adults navigating a complex and interconnected world 

UF Quest

Quest 1

Engagement with Essential Questions from the Humanities
(Choose one course from the following themes)
  • The Examined Life
  • Identities
  • Justice & Power
  • Nature & Culture
  • War & Peace
  • UF Quest 1 Wildcard

Quest 2

Engagement with Pressing Questions in the Natural and Social Sciences
(Choose one course from the following subject areas)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Biological Sciences
  • Physical Sciences

Quest 3

Engagement in the World
(Choose one experience)
  • Internship or Co-op
  • Research
  • Public Service
  • Study Abroad
  • Community Service
  • Design and Competition

Quest 4

Synthesis of UF Quest Experience with Discipline
  • Senior Capstone