Reverse Articulation of AA Degree


In 2021, the Florida legislature enhanced the articulation agreement between the State University System (SUS) and the Florida College System (FCS). Specifically, Florida statute 1007.23 lays out a requirement that students who transfer to an SUS institution with more than 30 credits from an FCS institution without an associate of arts degree must be offered the opportunity to transfer university credit back to the relevant FCS institution for the potential awarding of an AA degree. 

A complete list of FCS institutions can be found here:


Why pursue your Associate of Arts from your former Florida College?

There are several reasons to consider transferring UF coursework back to your FCS institution to receive your Associate of Arts degree, including:

  • Enhancement of your professional resume
  • Potential pay incentives offered by a current employer for completed credentials
  • Accurate accounting of your current credentials
  • Potential discounts offered by insurance companies for complete credentials
  • Potential benefits offered by FCS institutions for graduated alumni



Each Fall and Spring semester, UF students with 30 or more credits from a single public Florida College who do not have an Associate of Arts degree, and who have not been previously notified about reverse articulation participation, will receive an email from UF detailing participation in this process.  If you qualify, the email will direct you to ONE.UF to complete a “To-Do” item that will be added to your account.  This will give you the opportunity to “opt-in” for UF to send an official transcript to the relevant FCS institution, or to “opt-out” to not send your transcripts.  If you select one of the options, but change your mind, you can go back into the To-Do list in ONE.UF and change the option up until the published deadline.

If you change your mind after the deadline and would like to have your previous institution review your UF work for possible reverse articulation of an AA degree, you will need to send your transcripts to your previous public Florida College institution in ONE.UF and notify you previous institution. If you selected to send your transcript, but change your mind after the deadline, you will need to contact your former FCS institution and ask them not to evaluate the transcript for potential completion of your Associate of Arts.


Qualifying for the Associate of Arts Degree

You must meet the criteria for the Associate of Arts degree that is set by your former FCS institution.  UF transcripts sent through the above process will be received by the FCS institution, and they will conduct a review to determine if you meet requirements once your completed UF coursework is considered. 

In General, Associate of Arts degrees require completion of 60 credits, the General Education requirements, the Florida Civic Literacy requirement, a minimum GPA of 2.0 and institution-specific requirements. Please see the academic catalog of your FCS institution to review the requirements before you “opt-in” to the process.




If you have any questions about the reverse articulation process, please send us an email at