UF Quest
An ambitious project to enhance general education.

UF Quest

Quest is a shared, sequential general education curriculum. Eschewing rote learning and standardized tests in favor of close reading, critical thinking, and effective communication of ideas, UF Quest promotes a high level of faculty engagement in undergraduate education. UF Quest nurtures the intellectual curiosity of UF students and invites them to grapple with the difficult questions and challenges that they will face as thoughtful adults navigating a complex and interconnected world. 

UF Quest

Quest 1

Engagement with Essential Questions from the Humanities
(Choose one course from the following themes)
  • The Examined Life
  • Identities
  • Justice & Power
  • Nature & Culture
  • War & Peace
  • UF Quest 1 Wildcard

Quest 2

Engagement with Pressing Questions in the Natural and Social Sciences
(Choose one course from the following subject areas)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Biological Sciences
  • Physical Sciences

Quest 3

Engagement in the World
(Choose one experience)
  • Internship or Co-op
  • Research
  • Public Service
  • Study Abroad
  • Community Service
  • Design and Competition

Quest 4

Synthesis of UF Quest Experience with Discipline
  • Senior Capstone