Quest 2 course syllabuses must conform to the UF Syllabus Policy, the General Education Course Syllabus Policy, and the Writing Requirement Syllabus Policy (if applicable). Please consult the General Education Syllabus Checklist, when preparing your syllabus.

Quest 2 Syllabus Checklist

In addition to the required items that each UF syllabus and General Education syllabus must include, the Quest 2 syllabus must fully meet Quest 2 goals, objectives, and requirements and include:

  • A course description that fully states the pressing questions that the course examines.
  • A link to the Quest 2 Objectives and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs).
  • Course-specific Objectives and SLOs that clearly align with those of Quest 2 and pertinent Gen Ed Objectives and SLOs (see the Syllabus Builder for examples).
  • A week-by-week course schedule that is detailed enough to demonstrate that the weekly topics and assigned materials (readings, viewings, online activities, etc.) are multi-disciplinary, meet the criteria for the Gen Ed designations you seek, and address the course‚Äôs pressing questions.
  • At least one writing assignment.
  • Deliberate self-reflection by students, achieved through assigned work or structured class discussion.
  • An experiential learning opportunity.

Note: Faculty first receive "temporary" approval to teach their Quest course as IDS 2935. Because temporary Quest courses cannot include a Material and Supply Fee, faculty should develop experiential activities for temporary Quest courses that do not require such fees. A Material and Supply fee can be added only to a Quest course that has been approved for the "permanent" designation.

Sample Quest 2 Syllabuses

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