Quest 1

Quest 1 courses fulfill the UF Quest 1 requirement and three credits of the General Education requirement in the Humanities. They are organized under five overarching themes: (1) The Examined Life, (2) Identities, (3) Justice and Power, (4) Nature and Culture, and (5) War and Peace.

Unlike typical lower-division courses, Quest 1 extends beyond any one discipline. Quest 1 courses are not a survey of or an introduction to a field. Instead, they apply humanistic modes of inquiry to a topic or theme in order to explore essential questions about the human condition. Quest 1 invites students to reflect on the kinds of questions that are not easy to answer but difficult to ignore. What makes life worth living? What makes a society a fair one? How do we manage conflicts? Who are we in relation to other people or to the natural world? 

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