Repeat Quest Course

Spring 2024

About the Application

Whenever faculty want to teach an existing UF Quest course in an upcoming semester, whether the course has temporary or permanent UF Quest status, they need to fill out the "Repeat Quest Course Application" (NB: For new UF Quest course proposals, please see the Call for New Temporary Quest 1 and Quest 2 Courses).

How to Apply

After you have consulted with your chair/director and have received department permission to teach a Quest course in Spring 2024, fill out the Google Repeat Quest Course Form.

Course Formats

Faculty may choose to teach to residential students or to both residential and UF Online students. Residential sections may be taught 100% in person, partly in person and partly online (i.e., hybrid, not HyFlex), or 100% online. UF online sections must be 100% online. For more information, please consult the  UF Quest Guide to Course Modalities, Formats, and Enrollment Capacities.

Selection Process

A copy of your Google Repeat Quest Course form will be sent to your chair/director to verify that you have department permission to teach a Quest course in Spring 2024. The represntatives from the participating colleges will then meet to determine the number of seats that are needed and GTA support that will be provided for Spring 2024. Late applications will be considered depending on enrollment needs and available funds for GTA support.

Deadline: March 1, 2023