Call for UF Quest 1 Courses

Summer B 2023

The UF Quest Program seeks up to 9 instructors, who have previously taught UF Quest 1 courses, to teach Summer B 2023. Each UF Quest 1 course will have an enrollment capacity of 138 students and will be taught with 3 graduate teaching assistants. Each GTA will be assigned two sections (23 students per section). A faculty member on a nine-month academic year appointment will receive 12.50% of their academic year rate of pay in order to teach a UF Quest 1 course of 3 credits on a Summer Appointment (UF Quest will cover these costs). A faculty member on a twelve-month appointment may apply to teach UF Quest 1 in-load with the approval of the faculty member’s department.

How to Apply

Step 1: Complete the Department Approval Form and secure the required signature from your chair.

Step 2: Prepare a Summer B 2023 version of your syllabus.

Step 3: Complete the Google Application form and upload the Department Approval Form and your Summer B 2023 syllabus to your Google Application. If you have a personal Google account, you may need to log out of your personal Google account and log into your UF Google account before clicking on the link.

The deadline has been extended to October 7, 2022.


Faculty will be selected based on their prior UF Quest 1 teaching experience, their UF Quest 1 teaching evaluations, the feasibility of their course for the compressed Summer B schedule, and the curricular needs of the UF Quest program. You will be asked to explain how you have redesigned your course to be taught in the Summer B format of your choice while still achieving UF Quest 1 goals and objectives and maintaining a high level of faculty engagement.

Your summer syllabus should show clearly what adjustments you have made to your course in order to teach it in the compressed schedule of six weeks while still preserving the elements that make UF Quest 1 courses unique. The weekly schedule, course readings, assignment deadlines, and course modules will need to be converted to a six-week semester (July 3 – August 11, 2023).

About the Summer B Course Schedule

Summer B 2023 is six weeks long (July 3 – August 11, 2023) with 75-minute periods. The typical Summer B three-credit course, taught 100% in person, meets one period per day, five days per week. In the case of a course with TAs, that typically means faculty lectures on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and TA-led "break-out" discussions on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Faculty may request to teach their course 100% in-person, 100% asynchronous, or a blend of in person and asynchronous online instruction (e.g., in-person faculty lectures on Monday and Wednesday, in-person TA-led discussions on Tuesday and Thursday, and the equivalent of one contact hour of asynchronous online instruction).

For more information on course formats and modalities, please consult the UF Quest Guide to Course Modalities, Formats, and Enrollment Capacities.