This policy revises current S-U Grading Policy by providing graduate students an opportunity to elect an S-U grading option for any or all eligible, Spring 2020 graduate courses with a last day of class after March 9, 2020. Courses eligible for this option have been identified by the colleges and their faculty. Spring 2020 courses for which the student earns an S grade will be accepted as meeting credit requirements for the degree (e.g., for concentration, minor, major, and total credit requirements).

Please note the following:

  • Neither S nor U grades calculate into the GPA.
  • Students must earn the equivalent of a C grade or better in the course to earn an S.
  • A grade equivalent to a C- or lower will earn a U, which does not earn credit toward the degree.
  • Once a student elects the S-U option, they cannot revert to a letter grade.


The window of time in which graduate students can request S-U grading is now up until April 22, 2020.  All requests will be made through an online form that will be available on each graduate student’s ONE.UF page.