Office of Undergraduate Affairs Scholarships

The Office of Undergraduate affairs is pleased to provide scholarship opportunities for undergraduate and transfer students. Please click on the links to the left to see the various scholarships, applications and  relevant information.

Limited-time Undergraduate Awards

Accepting applications until June 22, 2018 by 4:00pm

The UF Alumni Association and UF Honors Program are looking for candidates for the Summer 2018 Outstanding Leader and Outstanding Scholars Awards. Applications should be submitted by undergraduate seniors who are applying for graduation this semester. Recipients of both the Outstanding Leader and Outstanding Scholar Award are featured in the commencement program and graduation ceremony processional. They are introduced and recognized by the UFAA president and are invited to sit on the platform as distinguished guests and representatives of their college during the program.


Each applicant for Outstanding Leader should complete and submit the following:

Each applicant for Outstanding Scholar should complete and submit the following:           


More details on both awards award can be found in the attached documents. Please note that the deadline for applications is Friday, June 22 at 4:00pm.

Scholarship FAQ