Steps to Complete the Civic Literacy Requirement

Your next step towards meeting this civic literacy requirement depends on your current status.  All students have access to the Civic Literacy test through the UF Canvas site, this does not necessarily mean you are required to take the test. Please consult with your advisor before attempting to take the test. Please follow the steps below for students who are in your current status.

“Do I have to take the test?”

This flow chart, reflects the BOG's interpretation of the 1007.25 (4)(b) Florida Statute.

*The University of Florida has elected to include 2018 Summer B admits as part of the Fall 2018 cohort. Therefore, Summer B 2018 admits must take the Civic Literacy test if they do not have an AA degree.

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FTIC (First-Time-in-College) Students Who Have Not Attended UF Preview:

  • Please complete Preview Prep, which can be found at UF Advising test Prep. In this module, you will be guided to determine the best route* to completing this requirement if you are not bringing in AP credit high enough to meet the state’s standards. 

FTIC Students Who Have Attended UF Preview:

  • Please see your academic advisor. Your academic advisor can guide you on the next best step for you.  If you have not earned AP credit high enough to meet the state standards for civic literacy, you are encouraged to take AMH2020 or POS2041* or take the standardized state test, which can be found here: Civic Literacy Test

FTIC Students Who Have Taken Dual Enrollment Courses:

  • If you earned credit in AMH2020 or POS2041 prior to Fall 2018, you must take the Civic Literacy test.**

*Note:  AMH2020 and POS2041 both meet the state core requirement, and AMH2020 furthermore meets UF’s General Education Diversity requirement.  You may find that taking one of these courses is an ideal way to meet multiple requirements that you must fulfill. You must recieve a C or better in these courses to meet the civic Literacy requirement.

**Note: The Florida BOG does not recognize any other accelerated credits for this requirement. Additionally, dual enrollment courses taken prior to Fall 2018 do not satisfy the civic literacy requirement as those courses did not include the competencies required by Statute 1007.25(4)(6) until Fall 2018.

Students Who Are Transferring to UF

If you started at a Florida College System (FCS) institution before 2018 and are transferring to UF, this requirement does not apply to you.

If you started at an FCS institution 2018 or later, this requirement may apply to you.  Read carefully below.

  • With an AA degree from an FCS Institution Where You Initially Entered 2018 or After: If you are a student transferring from an FCS institution, have earned an AA degree and have met the Civic Literacy requirement from your previous institution, you do not need to take any further steps. If you have not met this requirement, you must do so before you graduate from UF.
  • Without an AA degree from an FCS Institution: If you are transferring from an FCS institution without an AA degree, please see your academic advisor.  You will be required to show competency in civic literacy by one of the various options available to you. 
  • With or without an AA degree from an Out-of-State Instituion: If you are transferring from an out-of-state institution, please see your academic advisor.  You will be required to show competency in civic literacy by one of the various options available to you.

Students Who Have Become a U.S. Citizen by Passing the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Naturalization Test

  • Congratulations on your becoming a U.S. citizen! Because the standardized test developed by the Florida Board of Governors includes additional questions involving landmark Supreme Court cases, which are not tested in the U.S. Naturalization Test, you will need to take the test offered by UF or successfully complete AMH2020 or POS2041.  Please see your academic advisor for more information. 

Students with Disabilities or Needing Accomodations

  • Students needing accomodations for the civic literacy test will be provided assistance through the Disability Resource Center. The test will be provided in a different format. This option is currently under development and will be available in the fall semester for all students. There will be no penalties for students taking the test in via this option.